Barrel bath

Barrel bath

From 160€ / day

The cabins have a transportable barrel bath to use. Fits 5-6, heated with an external stove. Barrel bath can be arranged to the outside of the cabin or to the smoke sauna, heated and ready to use or to be heated by the visitor.


From 25€ / day
  • 3 26'' fatbikes. Rent price 25€ a day per bike
  • Includes a helmet, lock and lights

City bikes

From 10€ / day
  • Citybike: 2x womens 26'' bikes. Rent cost 10€ per day
  • Citybike: 2x mens 28'' bikes. Rent cost 10€ per day
  • Includes a helmet, lock and lights.

The hut and lean-to

The hut

The hut is located close to the smoke sauna in the nearby forest, within a short walking distance from the road leading to the cabins. It is free for visitors to use.


The lean-to is slightly further away in the forest, but there is a marked path. Lean-to is free for the cabin visitors to use. It is safe for sausage grilling in open fire and a shelter for eating picnic lunch when hiking in any time of the year.



Kuntola is a multi-purpose hall located in the area. The hall has a 170 square meters available for playing badminton, table tennis or a little bit of floorball. There is also a exercise bike available.

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