Cabin facilities

  • Four rowing boats to be used for fishing, rowing nearby etc
  • Motorboat for rent
  • Bicycles for rent
  • Smoke sauna and the heating can be reserved for a fee
  • Barrel bath, ready to be used, can be reserved for a fee
  • A hut and a lean-to are free to use within a walking distance
  • Excellent cross country skiing tracks nearby in winter
  • Snowmobile rides available, various tracks for snowmobiles
  • All of the Sampo's cabins have municipal water supply
  • Mobile WLAN-hotspot availabe for a fee

Smoke sauna

Smoke sauna is located few hundred meters from the cabins inside the forest. The sauna fits 6 - 10 persons at time and cabin visitors can reserve the sauna heated, ready for use. Please make the reservation for the smoke sauna with the accommodation reservation or otherwise in advance as the heating will take 5 to 6 hours.

Smoke sauna fee for cabin visitors is 150 EUR / heating.

Barrel bath

The cabins have a new transportable barrel bath to use. The bath fits 5 - 6 persons at time and it is heated using an external stove. Barrel bath can be arranged to the outside of the cabin or to the smoke sauna, heated and ready to use or to be heated by the visitor.

Ask for availability and prices by contacting the host family.

The hut and lean-to

The hut is located close to the smoke sauna in the nearby forest, within a short walking distance from the road leading to the cabins. The lean-to is slightly further away in the forest, but there is a marked path. Both the hut and the lean-to are free for the cabin visitors to use. They are safe for sausage grilling in open fire and a shelter for eating picnic lunch when hiking in any time of the year.

Nearby amenities